Brush CMS

Brush CMS – was design for quick create of web sites. It finds its own content, adds the issue of affiliate programs and optimize pages for the search engines.
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Brush CMS created as result of years of work, experience and knowledge. Very easy to use and suitable for beginners, who almost immediately after the start of use will get the real results.

Brush CMS designed to work with English-language sites, but also there is a support for languages such as: French, Italian, German and Thai.

Number of pages of your Brush-site will depend on the number of keywords used by you.

Brush CMS automatically receives content from open Internet sources through the interface of interaction API. This is a rather convenient and legal way to get data from different databases, such as Twitter, Google News, YouTube, etc.

With Brush CMS you can create different sites with different themes by using ready-made templates, and add your affiliate programs. The Brush CMS got built various affiliate programs, such as eBay Partner Network (EPN), Amazon, Skimlinks etc. also present exchange of links and various SEO-ons, which are aimed at getting traffic from search engines.